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Hydr02Facial Disclaimer

PATIENT CONSENT: This is an informed consent form that has been prepared to help inform you of the potential benefits and risks of HydrO2facial. It is important that you read this information carefully and discuss fully with your practitioner before proceeding with treatment. It is also important that you take as much time as you need to consider the treatment carefully, weighing up all your options before reaching an informed decision. It is essential that you are aware of your right to have a second opinion and you are encouraged to ask any questions that come to mind throughout the entirety of the process. HydrO2Facial is a type of non-invasive water-assisted microdermabrasion (hydradermabrasion) procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously. The treatment results in clearer, rejuvenated skin with little-to-no downtime. The treatment is soothing, moisturising, non-invasive and generally non-irritating. HydrO2facial can improve the appearance of dull complexion, fine lines, uneven skin tone and texture, age spots, sun damage, enlarged pores, mild scars and mild acne scars, hyperpigmentation areas and other skin complaints. It is important to note that HydrO2facial does not work for more significant scarring, stretch marks or deep lines and wrinkles. HydrO2facial uses a small hand-held device that uses a mixture of water and chemical exfoliation (glycolic/ salicylic acids) to gently remove the outer layers of the skin and exfoliate dead cells and vacuum them away. The skin can then rejuvenate leading to an improved appearance, tone and texture. HydrO2facial should be painless and anaesthetic creams are not required. I have received a thorough explanation of my pre-exfoliation and post-exfoliation instructions. I understand that following these instructions will reduce the risk of possible problems and help optimise results. I am aware that results vary between clients and results are dependent on many individual factors. I am aware that there is no guarantee that I will achieve desired results and that multiple treatment courses may to be needed to achieve or maintain desired results. I understand that several appointments may be necessary to produce optimal results and I will be notified, in advance of each session of treatment, about the location where the next treatment session is going to take place and the identity of who is going to be involved in my care at each stage.



As with any procedure there are potential risks and complications associated. HydrO2facial is a safe and low risk procedure, but you must be aware of the following possible risks before proceeding. You must fully discuss any questions with your practitioner. Common side effects of HydrO2facial include mild skin tenderness (like sunburn), swelling and redness after the treatment. These effects generally subside within a few hours and should be greatly improved by 48 hours. Occasionally minor bruising may also occur, any bruising should resolve within 1-2 weeks. Your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight afterwards and it is important to use regular SPF sunscreen for 3-4 weeks afterwards. Rare side effects include skin infection (cellulitis), reactivation of cold sores (Herpes simplex infection) or allergic reaction to any of the chemical products that may be used. HydrO2facial is minimally invasive and should not cause scarring or skin pigmentation changes although these could potentially occur as an unforeseen risk in rare circumstances. I have been advised of the relevant information associated with this treatment and I confirm that I fully understand this advice. This includes advice about: - the aims/motivations for having the procedure and the desired outcome - the risks inherent in the procedure - the risks inherent in refusing the procedure - the risks specific to me - the expected benefits of the treatment - the potential disadvantages of the treatment - alternative procedures and their pros and cons - including the option of no treatment at all - any uncertainties about and the likelihood of success of the procedure - any follow-up treatment that may be required


CLINICAL PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: I agree to and authorise the taking of clinical photographs and videos. I understand that these clinical photographs and videos will form part of and will be kept with my confidential medical records. I hereby indemnify the practitioner from any liability relating to the procedures that I am having. I also understand that any treatment performed is between me and the practitioner who is treating me and I will direct all post-operative questions or concerns to the practitioner. I have been asked what information I want and would need in order to make an informed decision. I have been given the opportunity to discuss my desired outcome fully in order for me to make an informed decision.

I certify that I have read the above consent and that I fully understand it. I have been given ample opportunity for discussion and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. No new information has become available that affects my decision to have the treatment or my decision to consent. I hereby consent to this procedure. This constitutes the full disclosure and supersedes any previous verbal or written disclosures.

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